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Italian fashion and fast cars are the epitome of luxury and style.

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Located roughly two and a half miles from mainland Italy, Venice is actually a cluster of 117 islands and islets joined together by more than 450 bridges.

The most well-known, the Rialto, spans the city’s main waterway, the Grand Canal.

Beyond the weaving labyrinth of streets, is another side of Venice, with quiet islands such as the peaceful, sparsely-populated Torcello and the colorful fishing village of Burano.

In addition to incredibly fresh fish dishes like risotto de gò, the latter island is also known for lace and glassmaking.

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If you have forgotten your username, please provide your email address in the box below.Instead, medieval Venetians would rely on small merchant skiffs and gondolas to go about their daily errands.Today, in the world’s only car-less pedestrian city, water buses, water taxis, and—of course—gondolas are relied upon to get around. Visitors come to see its namesake basilica and the Gothic-style Doge’s Palace which line this famed piazza.Meanwhile, the city’s old guard, composed of the Colosseum and Pantheon, remain stoically at their posts as they have for nearly 2,000 years.Since the age of Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire, countless pilgrims have walked its narrow and winding alleyways to see for themselves some of the most iconic sites to be described in history books, and depicted in film.Florence—in the heart of Tuscany—is quite possibly the world’s greatest repository of art.

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