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From choosing where to live and work to understanding the culture of Singapore, our social network of expats is both informative and friendly; what could be better than making your decisions based on the experience of other people living in Singapore?Gain an invaluable insight into life as an expat in Singapore by getting to know fellow expats.

Inter Nations membership is by approval only to keep the network secure and facilitate an understanding of the principles that are integral to the Inter Nations community, in particular trust, respect, and friendliness.

With this in mind, you are perfectly safe to get involved in real life with Inter Nations members through various groups and events that are taking place in Singapore.

With plenty to see and explore, including a fantastic zoo, beautiful botanic gardens, and the opportunity to take a night safari, Singapore is a fantastic and exciting place to live for both families and single people looking to start a new life. Whether you move to another city or go on a business trip somewhere — our communities are there to make you feel at home wherever you are in the world.

Feel free to also check out our other vibrant Inter Nations Communities like the ones in Shanghai or Khobar (Eastern Prov.).

", "how much will an apartment cost for a family of four in Novena?

If you have specific questions about your new life in Singapore, such as "what is the childcare like close to Holland Village?

I’ve only been in Korea for a short time, but I already know that most of the women who look and act like Jenn are not from Seoul. We’d have a few wrinkles, we’d fight a few times, but in the end we’d take comfort in the knowledge that we were made for each other. “Did you watch the National Geographic Channel for two days straight again? But I did see some of the local four legged wildlife hunched over and puking in a Gangnam gutter on Saturday.” I leave out the part where two university girls puked in my vehicle after six hours in a club, doing unspeakable things to a bottle of Maker’s 36 (I was the designated driver).

Skin slightly tanned, cheerful and bubbly with a lethal figure –she is definitely not from Seoul. By now we’d have been long married with a couple of kids running around, and a bunch of adult responsibilities.

Most of the jobs in Singapore are in the services industry, though.

Whether you want to live in the accessible area of Orchard, the prestigious region of Tanglin or the bohemian Holland Village, there is something for every expat in Singapore.

Inter Nations allows you to become a part of the Singapore lifestyle, make new friends, aside from your colleagues, and even learn a thing or two!

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