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Where is the government that fends against the flood of defamation of our people?

Single frauen stuttgart-49

The last one was still half a child with hardly developed breasts. I am now 81 years old, am a lawyer and for almost 8 years I was in the Wehrmacht (German military) and in the work brigade.

They basically ripped the meat from her ribs until the white bone showed…. After 3/4 year in the work brigade, 1937/38 I was enlisted in the military at the Luftwaffe (air force) to the 1.

Many people make pilgrimages to “Lidid”, and especially in Germany, hundreds of memorials remind of the suffering of the Jews.

For more than 5 Million displaced Germans from the east bloc countries and the many bombing victims, there is hardly a memorial.

When we think back to the year 1945, the memories bring great grief.

We remember the great suffering that came upon us Germans.A suffering with all its horrors, together with the endless hopelessness of those days.With pain we think about the unconditional capitulation of the German military forces of those days and the destruction of the Reich, which was for 1000 years responsibility and protection for all Germans.Also not for East Prussia, Schlesien, Pommern, West Prussia, Sudetenland and the German villages in the East, the southeast, [*and the Ukraine and Siberia] where 20 Million Germans had a right to their land [and were driven off], and the world hardly knows anything because German politicians, breaking their oath of office ignominiously disregard the interests of their German people.[*Most of them are Jews or slaves of the Jews.] Through endless discrimination, twisting of facts and silencing the truth we have reached a condition which has suffocated every national movement, yes even our identity.“Jobs, life and possessions of all Germans are completely in the power of the victors!

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