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However, things do not last long between them after it becomes clear that Bay is still not over Emmett.Her feelings become more complicated when she sees a mural Emmett painted depicting their relationship, leading to her breaking it off with Alex.

Single parent dating emmett idaho

A short romance ensues, but Bay breaks up with Noah when she realizes that he has feelings for Daphne.

Ty returns in the second half of season two, resulting in their resuming their relationship.

He confesses to Bay that the reason they cannot be together is because she cannot let go of the past and forgive him for sleeping with Simone.

Bay, however, apologizes and promises not to bring it up again, leaving some hope for the future.

After Ty's departure, Bay begins a relationship with Daphne's deaf best friend, Emmett, after he assists her in her search for Angelo.

The two have a turbulent relationship due to their differences, but remain together, even after experiencing a number of setbacks including Bay's past relationship with Ty, Emmett's disapproving mother and the language barrier between them.After her initial break up with Emmett, Bay finds that she is immersing herself more and more in her street art, resulting in an unlikely friendship with a fellow artist by the name of Zarra.This friendship causes Bay to rebel against John and Kathryn to the point of her almost running away with Zarra to Mexico.Bay expresses concern for Ty's mental well being following his time serving in Afghanistan.The two eventually reconnect, sleeping together for the first time. However, in the season two finale, Ty, about to be recalled to the army, lies to Bay about sleeping with someone else after she finds girl's underwear on his bedroom floor, in an effort to save her from further hurt.They continue their relationship in the second season when he returns.

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