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Chelsea – an artsy scene that’s home to the best independent art galleries in the city with over 100 exhibition spaces. East Village – a spirited neighborhood with vintage shops on every corner, dusk-til-dawn nightlife, and the best dive bars – especially the ones in and around Alphabet City.The also have numerous sports bars for catching any game and a great foodie scene.Some of the main attractions include Riverside Park, Lincoln Center, Central Park, and the Natural History Museum.

Plenty of bars and restaurants dot this area and it has a busy nighttime scene.

Hell’s Kitchen – mainly known for their Restaurant Row (and for its Irish mafia history).

Recent years have seen it become more and more touristy, especially with the edition of the now overcrowded High Line.

Not for the budget conscious as bars and restaurants are expensive.

No Ho – an up-and-coming artsy area that’s a haven for designers and architects with its inspiring architectural buildings and history.

It’s also home to hip boutiques and the Great Jones Spa – the best in the city in my opinion.

New York City is where every contradiction goes to seamlessly merge together in an almost unnatural sync that’s echoed in its protean neighborhoods, culturally varied residents, and its evolution and acceptance of new ‘normals’. There’s no point trying to get to the bottom of it because you can’t.

But doesn’t knowing that simple fact mean you do understand the core of New York?

A celeb favorite as well with Taylor Swift living here as one example.

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