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The background behind the six degrees of separation is broad, depending on which part of the theory you are studying.

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Ben Blatt of Slate spent a week working on an amazing tool that connects professional athletes from the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL.

Here’s how he describes his project: …I built a tool to find the shortest possible connections between 50,000-plus professional baseball, basketball, football, and hockey players.

It only takes (at most) three steps to connect current players to any other current player playing in the same league.

And if we include players dating back to the start of each league, the numbers are the following: But to me, the coolest aspect of the app is the ability to connect players who played different sports.

(Special thanks to the amazing Sports-Reference family of sites for the thorough databases for each sport.) Two athletes are considered “connected” if they played for the same team during the same season, although due to trades and injuries it’s possible that certain “connected” athletes never shared a field of play.

You can play around with the widget at the top of the page to figure out the shortest path between (almost) every pair of North American pro athletes.

In November 2007, he created a group on Facebook called Six Degrees and invited all of his friends to join.

His initial results weren't promising as only 20 friends joined his group. As those friends invited their friends, who in turn invited their friends, Jackson's list grew.

Updated web tools and technologies have allowed users to send images, videos and audios -- both recordings and live -- to more people in less time.

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