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Derek Mengel [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies:[ Re: Ellis Robins 50th Anniversary -- Henry Donald, 01/12/06 Thu (195.2) Hi - I left in 1980 - I would be interested in a reunion - am now based in London UK [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] UNLIMITED INCOME ...$$$$...

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The dangers for foreign investors become so clear in particular. Bahamian politicians are chameleons: They smile at delegates from European agencies in order to get as much money as possible but in fact foreigners are not accepted as equivalent partners. Instead of showing courtesy on the international parquet Europeans and Americans should demand from the Bahamas government also for more justice towards foreign investors (visit also 11.

Bahamian politicians, government agencies, lawyers etc turn deaf ears to certain plights, do show poor attitudes towards white foreigners ( see also Even the highest judge of the Bahamas, Sir Burton Hall, does not shrink from expressing a likewise criticism.

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Regards The Bahamas Reporter [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] looking for WILLIAM THOMAS -- Snowy Neves, 04/25/05 Mon ( Does any one know the wherabouts of William Thomas. He would have left Ellis Robins in 1974 [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD KNOW -- ALINA, 07/11/05 Mon (172.1) Hello, I received this in email.

I thought to share it for others benefit : JUST AS A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE, SAME WAY, YOU SHOULD ENLIGHTEN YOURSELVES AND TELL ALL YOU KNOW ABOUT THESE MATTERS IN THESE LINKS : Here is everything you wanted to know about USA, a country that is cowardly and incompetent on its own, a country that is full of white lies, hidden manipulations, evil intellect, hand-in-gloves inside jobs through its coward stooges, planned provocations, ploys, plots, hidden agendas, dog-eat-dog barbarian mentality, attention diverting issues, a country that cannot withstand any tit for tat given to it, a country that is incapable of living up to the concept of 'do unto others as you would have others do unto you', a country that is a bloody blotch on the statue of liberty that it hosts and boasts about. ID=736 Related/Poverty/Food Dumping/ Holocaust11 tqskip1=1 YOU FOR YOUR TIME TO ATTAIN ENLIGHTENMENT THROUGH THESE LINKS AND ALSO TO ENLIGHTEN ALL YOU KNOW THROUGH THESE LINKS. [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] Looking for Old Buddies -- Clive Scotton, 07/19/05 Tue (2.75) I would like to correspond with any Ellis Robins old boys from 1969 to 1972 I left in 72 so hey guys any of you out there drop me a line I now live in Auckland New Zealand [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] PLEASE GET OUT WHITE TRESSPASSERS -- HABIBA, 12/28/05 Wed (1.73) YOU ARE INVITED TO VISIT : PLEASE GET OUT WHITE TRESSPASSERS THANK YOU. HERE, HAVE SOME FREE EDUCATION, BEFORE YOU FALL IN TO THE VORTEX OF SCHOLARSHIPS TRAP THAT IS NOTHING BUT CONSUMERISM, YOU DOODES, CONSUMERISM, CONSUMERISM, CONSUMERISM............It is a breaking of law, if the law system of Bahamas does not permit a plaintiff, his entitled demands in acceptable way with courts.There are sufficient serious complaints from white foreigners about attorneys, the Bahamas Bar Association, the Minister of Justice or even the Prime Minister (view also The wide-spread corruption in the Bahamas, which was always a component of the political culture, explains itself.Send it now, add your own name to the list and your in business!!! Step 1: You do not need to re-type this entire message to do your own posting.Simply put your cursor at the beginning of this message and drag your cursor to the bottom of this message and select copy from the edit menu. Miller said the government requested and received permission from the European Union, under its economic funding and apparatus to give The Bahamas 5,000 to assist the country following Hurricane Frances.Step 4: Use Netscape or Internet Explorer and try searching for various news groups (on-line forums, message boards, chat sites, discussions, etc.) Step 5: Visit these message boards and post this message as a new message by highlighting the text of this message from your notepad and selecting paste from the edit menu. REMEMBER, THE MORE NEWS GROUPS YOU POST IN, THE MORE MONEY YOU WILL MAKE!!!! Why can lawyers charge 400 US $ per HOUR wheras a waitress might earn 150 $ per WEEK only? The Bahamas government did NOT install the system of incom tax since decades but charging high duties even on basic items which is a gross injustice to assist the rich Bahamians only. The Bahamas - which is well known for wide spread crime and corruption, victimization, inefficiency , scandalous law affairs, nepotism and favoritism - is living on other countries expenses due to their tax policy anyhow and money laudering is still going on. Foreign countries claim that they do not come for actual appropriate bilateral investment assistance contracts and also for compulsory investment protection contracts because the government of the Bahamas shows NO interest in it. The Bahamian government presents from many interested states the corresponding drafts for examination.

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