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But you don't have to be a train nerd to be swept off your feet by the charms of Switzerland's Glacier Express - not just the most popular train ride in Switzerland but arguably the best anywhere on the planet.Billed as 'the slowest express train in the world', the service travels between St Moritz and Zermatt, a seven-and-a-half-hour ride up into the clouds, through untouched Alpine countryside, over roaring mountain streams, past towering walls of rock.

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The first and last arches are anchored by strong abutments to the rock face on either side of the gorge.

Train holiday specialist Great Rail Journeys has created an easy-paced, eight-day Glacier Express itinerary that involves days on the train and evenings at hotels along the route.

The price of the holiday includes a Swiss Pass which allows you to make the scenic train journey on the Arosa Express.

The next day is at leisure when you can again use your Swiss Travel Pass to explore, so why not go along the Rhone Valley to Montreux, where you can enjoy a cruise on Lake Geneva, or join the Golden Pass Line panoramic train for the journey over the Golden Pass to Spiez?

It's absolute heaven for trainspotters, who take particular pleasure in the superlative time-keeping of Swiss trains.

No wrong type of snow or leaves on the line here, and never a preceding slow train to hold you up.This line is one of the premier north-south crossings of the Alps, and an important link between northern Europe and Italy.We leave the historic city of is the highest in Europe, and here we take the opportunity to experience the numerous delights to be found at the "Top of Europe", including the ice palace, huskies and the breathtaking panoramas over the We journey through the length and breadth of Switzerland to enjoy some of the most magnificent scenery to be found anywhere in the world.We visit the historic city of , together with less well-known villages. The wonderful panoramas over the region from the summit form a stunning end to the trip. A variety of garden railways in various parts of England and Wales are visited, including a new 3 lines, based on a variety of British, Continental and American prototypes are viewed with proprietary and scratch built locomotives, both steam and electric, hauling a wide range of carriages and wagons.The area is portrayed in all seasons, and we enjoy some of the wide variety of sporting events which take place here every year. The first journey takes place in the snows of early March and then the complete journey is repeated in mid-summer. Mainly the view ahead but with some shots of the driver as well as occasional line-side and helicopter shots. The mountains were formed over tens of millions of years as the African and Eurasian tectonic plates collided.

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