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To apply for any of the positions below please send the REF number, position title and your CV to us by email: [email protected]: 0853 ​Based: All over Italy.​ ​Job Description: ​T​eaching English lessons (all materials provided) in the mornings and conducting games and songs in the afternoons with children ages 5-16​.​ ​Criteria:​ ​​No prior teaching experience or certifications are required but they will certainly be considered a bonus when applying.

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Interview Notes: Skype​ interviews are accepted.​ Notes: The candidate ​will be ​work​ing​ from home or can take a coworking space in We Work in his respective country.

This job will require lots of travelling​ s​o the ​candidates tools is his laptop only​.​ Apply Here: DO NOT COMMENT BELOW AS WE ARE NOT ABLE TO RESPOND TO COMMENTS.

We have apartments situated 5 mins walk from the hotel.

It’s fully air-conditioned for the summer and heated for the winter months.

Must be able to communicate in English​ also.​ Hours: ​N​o more than 8 working hours per day, could be on a split shift basis, 2 days off per week​.​ Salary Per Month: 750.00 ​Euros per month, ​gross​.​ ​ Nationality of staff required: ​Unfortunately we do not support work permits.

​​All staff must have relevant papers to work within the EU​.​ ​ Start Date: 1st March ​or​ 14th March​.​ ​ Length of contract: March to October.​ Package Offered: ​Living Arrangements - We provide all accommodation for our entertainers.However, we will reimburse this cost to you up to the cost of 150euros on completion of your contract.The usual cost of a flight to Cyprus prior to the start of your contract is approx 90euros.​Criteria:​ ​Excellent appearance, sociable​, motivated, ​energetic as dealing with both children and adults with sporting activities, ​etc.​​ Speaking German or ​Polish is ​preferred but not required.​ ​Hours: Split shifts, 6 days per week.​ Salary: ​600.00​ - 800.00 Euros per month depending on experience, languages, etc.​Nationality o​f staff​ ​required / Languages​ ​Required:​ ​​German ​or​ Polish​ ​Speaker​ preferred however as long as you speak English and have a​ ​​British/​EU passport​ your application will be considered.​ Start Date:​ ​​​April.​ Length of contract:​ ​​Seasonal.​​Candidate must be eligible to work in the EU / be EU nationals. Notes: Please attach 2 photos to your application.​ Apply Here: DO NOT COMMENT BELOW AS WE ARE NOT ABLE TO RESPOND TO COMMENTS.

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