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keby ste všetko nepr ebali,nerozkradli ,nepchali do všelijakých pochybných firiem,vyrábali vo svojej réžii tak by ste mali peniaze aj na ligu majstrov,ale to nie,to by bolo normálne a to sa v stv nenosí xy rokov,ale načahuvať ruky na peniaze to viete vy ............prasce a dalsia vec....ak bude niekto namietat, ze treba za to platit......polozte si otazku, kolko zbytocnych veci mesacne kupujete a je vam to jedno.....

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In his own statement, Rossouw said he was moving to England so that he and his family could have “long term career security”.

A clearly annoyed Lorgat expressed regret at the investment made in Rossouw’s career when he was leaving the Proteas.“We invest huge sums of money in every individual and if you take Riley, by way of example the last I don’t know how many months, Dr Moosajee, we’ve been treating his injuries, we’ve been investing in him and sadly there’s no return for us in the years to come,” Lorgat said.

Prior to the 2003 ruling the English Cricket Board restricted the number of non-EU citizens allowed in a county cricket team to one.“It did come as a surprise to me,” Lorgat said, pointing out that things might have turned out differently if been different if they had learned of Abbot’s intentions earlier.

“We could have engaged in some conversation with Kyle to see if we could’ve helped him in his decision.

It is increasingly putting individuals at risk and is an economic burden as a result of the impact on health budgets and lower productivity due to the sub-optimal fitness in the workforce.

The number of children affected by overweight and obesity is estimated to be rising by more than 400,000 a year, adding to the approximately 14 million EU citizens who are already overweight (including at least 3 million children).[13] Lack of physical activity and the occurrence of overweight and obesity have become a major societal problem.

A Kolpak contract is essentially an agreement that allows people from certain countries such as South Africa to play in European Union nations.

It is named for Maroš Kolpak, a Slovak handball player who won the right to play in a German division after quotas restricting non-domestic nationals were overturned by the European Court of Justice.

Lorgat said that over the past few days Cricket South Africa had worked with Abbott to work on a “mutual separation”.

He said that although it was yet finalised, the cricket organisation would be doing the same with Rilee Rossouw, who signed a three-year contract with Hampshire.

But I had no part in it, so I feel a little bit disappointed.”Abbott has signed a four-year contract with Hampshire, and consequently can no longer play for a South African side.

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