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Acesta a participat în calitate de autor la cele mai cunoscute emisiuni de autor din URSS: „Anșlag" și „Smehopanorama".

A publicat zeci de cărți, printre care nuvele lirice și satirice, de umor.

After school in 1993, Galkin of Russia entered the State University of Humanities in the Faculty of Linguistics, and after its end in 1998 applied for admission to postgraduate study. Artistic debut Galkina took place in April 1994: he made a parody of the scene of the Student Theater of Moscow State University. where a number of skits performed his first known issue ' Switching Channels', . This idol of the public have never had a producer, he never paid for any one of his broadcasts, and no one ever asked to attach it to a particular program. He never had to work with their elbows, to knock on closed doors, to succeed.

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However, the biology lesson, where the young zoologist told digestive system of pigeon (showing onogo in section), forever stole his desire to become a professional in this area. The culmination of artistic creativity Galkina was writing a horror story called ' Power of Darkness'. With this number it and included in the concert program, . whereby Maxim organized his first solo concert at the Variety Theater, .

But, alas, the novel, which takes place in a mysterious castle, and was left unfinished. where once he was noticed masters - first it was Boris Brunow, . All of them are quite disinterestedly helped a talented artist to become a star. Zadornov named Maximus as his successor - and this is the highest praise a beginning artist!

Astăzi, la vârstă de 70 de ani, a plecat din viață cunoscutul umorist rus Mihail Zadornov.

Anunțul a fost făcut de prezentatoare TV, Reghina Dubovițkaia. Mai multe detalii nu vă pot oferi, informația este una neașteptată", a declarat Dubovițkaia. E tristă că pleacă astfel de oameni", a spus Kobzon.

' I would never depict the politicians who have died.

The attitude to them is ambiguous, and not I was a witness at the time. Out of a sense of great love '- promises Galkin.

Highlights: Spiderman talk, getting into the river, Sam peeing and walking in the river. Maybe people shouldn't be so tempted to see girls pee.

If the sound of my voice is too much for you, welcome yourself out. OBVIOUSLY,me excitement loudness from river = this kind of voice. I enjoy going to waterfalls and recording my excitement.

Where not only lived Maxim: the years he spent with his parents in Germany, then moved to Odessa, where he graduated from the first three classes of schools, then moved to Galkin Transbaikalia, Ulan-Ude, and after some time had returned to Moscow. Later, playing in the school play, Galkin visited a variety of Role: he happened to play a dog, the old alcoholic, Ostap Bender, King Solomon, Count Nulin, Don Carlos .... In the middle grades schools Maxim actively began to practice parody.

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