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The spouse with such a father wound experiences the loss of a feeling of love for his/her spouse and anger that is really meant for the father but is misdirected.The level of anxiety within spouses, marriages, families and communities has increased significantly over the past year because of worldwide economic problems resulting in a 50% loss of value in the stock market, an epidemic of defaults on mortgages and bankruptcies,massive layoffs, severe banking difficulties, pay reductions and furloughs, major losses in retirement accounts and great difficulty in keeping up with the bills.Sue's husband's demanding career resulted in his frequent absence from dinners and travel that kept him away from home several nights each month.

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As trust and confidence decrease, anxiety and fear regularly intensify.

Later, these conflicts can lead to the development of an anxiety disorder which can have a seriously damaging impact upon one�s physical and mental health and thinking, as well as upon important relationships.

As with anger, anxiety or mistrust can develop at one stage of life,be denied and then can be misdirected decades later at one'sspouse.

When one does not feel safe in childhood, overreactions in mistrust, fear and irritability are common in adult life.

The anger must be addressed and the most effective way is through the practice of the virtue of forgiveness through reflection several times each day and at bedtime.

If a person of faith finds it difficult to forgive, he or she can give the anger to God, accept personal powerlessness and in an act of trust, surrender all to God.

Those who struggle with insomnia should consider starting on one of the numerous safe sleep medications that can reduce anxiety and result in a good night's sleep.

In view of the many psychiatric research studies which have demonstrated the benefits of faith in addressing emotional conflicts, we recommend regularly to people of faith that they consider employing a faith meditation to deal with their financial and work anxieties several times a day and, particularly, before going to bed.

Then, the spouse can reflect upon and be thankful for his/her special gifts and take other steps to address the stresses, such as recognizing the need to have more balance in one's life, to set aside more time for the marital friendship, to have proper sleep hygiene, to correct selfish or controlling individuals or to learn to surrender more often one's worries..

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