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Around that time John was creating more and more different and unusual things for motorcycles and cars.

I came to gain some knowledge and see how we could apply that in Coventry University.

There is a huge range of delegates here and we've had some really useful conversations.

Late last year we wanted to make something fun and when an associate mentioned that he'd motorised a Cosy Coupé for his son, John was struck with an instant vision - a life-sized road-going version!

That was to be the new project; John went home that night and drew the plans up taking it in the following morning to show the crew.

It has been an opportunity to speak to some customers that we would not have otherwise have had any engagement level with and certainly from today we’ve found out about some opportunities that we may have not heard about until they’d actively come to market so we’re able to influence earlier in the process than we would normally have been able to.

It's probably exhausting for the vendors but them coming round and spending 4 or 5 minutes with each of the participants in the small groups was really useful because not only did they get to explain and pitch their product but the 4 or 5 people who were sat around the table got to ask questions but also learnt from the other people from the other institutions so for me I think that went really well.We went to the speed networking this morning which was a really good opportunity to create some brand awareness.A lot of people hadn't heard of us and now they have.We have managed to interact with a lot of people who are decision makers in some of the large Higher Education institutions.It has enabled us to not only present what we do as a business but also get feedback from them on what their requirements are. It was good fun, it was hard work but we acquired 4 new clients so we thought we would try again.I thought it was an extremely well organised and well run event and I found your team to be engaging, helpful and professional, please pass on my thanks to them.

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