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However, when I used it, I found it weaker than expected. Crispy fresh apple with cucumber is all I can describe it as. I still wear it occasionally, but wonder why I bother!Apples & lily of the valley kind of smack you in the face at first. It ends up smelling of "warm apple juice", tuberose, a touch of baby powder, and sandalwood. However, on my bestie- who's skin reacts nicely with ambers- when she wears it, it is amazingly warm and woodsy and kind of smells like fall desserts. I wanted to like this, because I love fruity scents, but it dries down to a nasty, floral/green combination.

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The tuberose lends some creaminess to the whole composition.

The craftsmanship of this fragrance is not to be underestimated: While wearing it, it never disintegrates or veers into white musk territory. Instead, it always retains its bright and sparkly nature.

I'm glad this is part of my collection, but I have to be in the mood to wear it. The smell is very refreshing in the heat, and the wind will blow the aroma about in a very pleasant way that others will react to positively.

This fragrance evokes freshly washed, vibrant, and smooth hair that shines and catches everyone's attention.

The top note is sweet apple, but quickly turns into an unpleasant synthetic smell shortly thereafter.

I think the greens and florals are too overwhelming for a fruit-based perfume.

I decided to wear this and I layered it with m by mariah Carey.

I didnt like the way I smelled but I was to late to care so I left the house like that.

I've reviewed this before but recently started to show this apple some love again. On very hot days, at least on me, it's too cloying and a hot mess :) On very cold days on the other hand, it cannot bloom properly.

It's so gorgeous in fall - not too hot, not too cold just crisp air meets crisp apple. I've been wearing it for the past week and am reassured that I will always have a bottle of this.

So, someone gifted me the 50ml bottle of this and I sprayed it on my arm once and didn't really care for it so I dumped it with my stash.

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