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We both came out of very difficult relationships where we were the ‘Carer’ for a really emotionally troubled partner, so I get the feeling he is anxious about me going off the rails, perhaps.

I felt able to assert that I needed to make my own decisions about my friends, and who I spend time with, but also that I respect his discomfort in this issue, so I think we reached a good conclusion, but I still feel a bit unsettled. Hi Person Who Enjoys Chilling, I’m assuming Steve didn’t say anything really racist or otherwise horrifying in the few moments that he and your boyfriend interacted.

Steves dating rules

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

Now I’m dating a guy who is super lovely, like a beam of sunshine whose patronus is a golden retriever.

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Being jealous doesn’t make him evil, it’s totally human to be like “I’m just not sure I like the way those feelings are translating into judgment of you and the idea that you have to fix yourself because of them.

A single red flag isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, it’s just an indication to pay attention to patterns. If you’re still low-key fighting about Steve a week or so from now, and you feel like your boyfriend’s “concern” for you is starting to encroach on you living your life the way you want to, remind yourself that a dude who has known you only a few months acting like an authority on who you can hang out with and what you do with your time is also a red flag.

I felt like it was an overreaction – I don’t really think much about Steve, he’s fun for a brief catch-up, tea or lunch, but I don’t feel he deserves that much energy, whereas my boyfriend went so far as to suggest that Steve – being a student-party-type – was really bad for me, and, quote ‘it was a red flag’, and he couldn’t understand why I would hang out with a potentially toxic person when I clearly was so otherwise good in my judgement of people.

I admitted I didn’t want to NOT see Steve just because BF didn’t like it, and he acknowledged that it wasn’t intended to be a controlling thing, more that he (BF) was baffled because Steve is so unlike my other friends.

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