Stories of sex trafficking in cambodia

Decrying “mission accomplished” in the fight against child sex trafficking in Cambodia is premature.

The danger in doing this too soon is that, by exaggerating the success, we will turn the international spotlight away from an area of the world that still needs it.

Each year several thousands of women and children are trafficked from Vietnam to other countries, mainly through Cambodia and China, for commercial sexual exploitation. I was in school, and after I finished exams, I was browsing on the Internet, and this guy kept trying to chat with me. At that time, I kept fighting with my mother, and she kicked me out of the house. In the neighborhood, there's a person who wanted to marry me, but I didn't want to get married.

Some 50 percent of them come from An Giang province in the Mekong Delta. I didn't know him, but he kept asking to chat, and so we talked. My mother said, "You better marry him," and I was so sad.

When we got to this house where this man was supposed to be, he wasn't there. But his sister was there, running the place, and she kept me and my friends there. There was a big argument, and he said, "After I leave, in three days this place will be raided." The next day the police came and they took everybody.

I ended up in a shelter in Phnom Penh for over a year.

Thereafter, if they were more adventurous, the Accused planned for them to go to the more “kampong” or rural areas to search for even younger girls.” — Facts pertaining to 131st charge against Chan Chun Hong. Child sex trafficking has also shifted to meet the demand for brides in China.

The rescue of Cambodian victims across borders is now a necessary challenge. I find 12 to 14 year olds the best as they are freshest and is becoming a grown up girl soon. :) and very curious about sex.” This is a milder excerpt from e-mails sent to an undercover police officer.The days of brazen selling with a storefront are gone. Today’s child exploitation starts on the street, where a pedophile is approached by a pimp. Over the past year, our rescue team conducted 12 successful raids in which 81 women and children were rescued — 39 percent were underage.The story of how a poor country came to protect its children and how U. diplomacy and assistance helped it do so is one we all desperately want to tell. to document the lives of Vietnamese Americans who returned to Vietnam to live and work.They wouldn't let me go home because I didn't have any papers.

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