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“I like the idea of online dating because it’s predicated on algorithms,” she says.“These algorithms had a sea full of men that wanted to take me out on lots of dates—what turned out to be truly awful dates.” At this point, Webb decided to get really systematic, and to find out how to make online dating work for her. Read on for some more delightful (and wonderfully nerdy) online dating stories we found, well, online.So, whether you’re looking for courage or a romantic love story, here are two couples who found not only a date but also a lifelong partner.

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“What's funny is that the officiant at our wedding joked that when she asked us to submit our vows, both of us wrote novels to one another,” says Ariella.

“She literally said, ‘I hope everyone is comfortable in their seats, because these are long.’ I guess that was always our habit!

To say I was thrown a curve ball is a total understatement.

I tragically lost my husband after 25 years of marriage.

“I can also with full honesty say I knew.” Later on in the relationship, Dana confided that she felt the same way.

Ariella and Dana said “I do” at a beautiful ceremony on June 25 at Phipps Conservatory.She had calculated that, in the entire city of Philadelphia, only 35 men had all the qualities she was look for and was still single.“I can take my grandmother’s advice and sort of ‘least expect’ my way into maybe bumping into the one [of them] — or I can try online dating,” she says.” But somehow those six hours weren’t enough — the couple agree that they probably could’ve gone on talking for six more. “We love telling people we met online and always have encouraged our single friends to try it.In fact, quite a few of our friends have found love online as well,” says Asia.Online dating is, in fact, the second most popular way couples meet in today’s technologically-mediated world.

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