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Overall, the skin of patient look hydrated and there was no pigmentation, open wound, or bruises.

However, white scratch marks were there due to wooden itch scratcher and nails.

After the duration of four weeks of pregabalin 75 mg post hemodialysis, 5D-IS score reduced to 8 and VAS score move down to 3.

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Pregabalin 75 mg post hemodialysis can be another option to treat UP.

Keywords: Pregabalin, renal failure, uremic pruritus How to cite this URL: Khan TM, Aziz A, Suleiman AK.

In addition, he was hypertensive and was on amlodipine.

Lab results have shown a low level of albumin, red blood cells, and serum calcium.

Keeping in view the neuropathic nature of the disease, pregabalin was used in the current case.

Use of pregabalin has demonstrated a very effective response and had reduced the 5D-IS and VAS from 20 and 8 to 8 and 3.For ESRD patients, UP may act a main barrier to the routine life activities of the patient and affect the quality of life of the patient.Other known hypothesis explaining UP pathophysiology are inflammatory, opioid, and neuropathic nature of UP.Uremic pruritus (UP) is one of the complications faced by majority of the patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD).Due to complex pathophysiology of UP, most of the anti-inflammatory and tropical lubricants often not provide a long lasting control over pruritus.Pre and post assessment was done for this patient, on initial assess the parathyroid hormone level of the patient was 70.5 pg/ml with a serum phosphate level of 2.61 mmol/L.

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