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Bailey was held this morning at the Dungan undertaking parlors.

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Susan Paige Ashenfelter, 48, lost her fight with cancer on October 15, 2015.

Coos river districts also reported that logs were running from the north fork, and it appeared a general cleanup would be made in that section.

She is survived by her beloved husband Shawn Standley, loving daughter Jeri Teyler, and loving son Ryan Ashenfelter, adorable grandsons Mason and Bently Davidson, mother Judy Ashenfelter, sister Amber Hatfield, and brother Chris Ashenfelter, nieces Delaney, Kelsy, Brianna, Jenna, Ashley, nephew Aaron, and her close friend Nanette, Mary and Russ. In 1873 he became a master mason, and in December 1876 he removed to San Jose, where his wife's father, V.

She is preceded in death by her father Gereld Jerry Ashenfelter. Axtell and their two children were plunged into the icy waters of the Coquille River at the Bullards ferry tonight, and one of the children was drowned.

On the Coquille river transportation was made difficult and dangerous by loose logs. Guy & Dewey Stutsman's barn on south Coos river collapsed last night and Marshall Redell of Myrtle Point lost a horse killed by a falling tree. Arnot, who was injured by a falling limb at a logging camp yesterday, died today at Mercy Hospital.

Funeral Services will be held Saturday morning at 11 o'clock a tthe Mills chapel. Logs were running from all directions, and it was believed most of the back district accumulations would come out. She was employed by the City of Portland, in the Parks and Recreation section. Axtell drove his machine upon the ferry-boat and attempted to pu on the brakes. Had been well know resident of this county for 38 years. The ailment which proved fatal was organic disease of the heart. Ayers was born in Henry county, IL, March 26, 1850 and was therefore in the 65th year of his age at the time of his demise. Ayers, of Santa Clara; [illegible] Marian Ayers, of Oakland; Clarence L. He is also survived by a brother and three sisters, A. Walks and coffee with friends, were a source of comfort and enjoyment for Paige. The brakes did not hold, however, and the car ran across the boat and dived into the river. The river is being dragged for the body of the dead child. Clarence Mortimer Ayers, who has been for the past 38 years a resident of San Jose, and for almost that entire period engaged in active business, passed away Tuesday, September 29, at the home of his sister, Mrs. January 11, 1872 he was united in marriage to Miss Sarah E. Of the union there were born five children, of whom three are living. As the tide was high, the cessel landed high and dry on the spit near Coos Bay. In 1862 he fitted out an expedition for the recovery of treasure lost off the coast of Mexico. He was interested in several other quests for lost treasure. John Barklow, died if intestinal flu at his home here on Tuesday, February 6, 1923. The funeral services were held in the Church of the Brethren on Thursday, Elder Michaels officiating, and interment was made in Norway. There was nothing to determine whether the invalid had committed suicide or had taken the poison by mistake. His assault was on Harry Hawkins, whom he hit over the head and then fatally stabbed on Rogue river, following a quarrel over 50 cents. On one occasion when sent to relieve the garrison at Port Orford, the ship sprung a leak, and the captain, seeing that the ship would sink, made for the shore. Barkdoll was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1937 for a John Day bank robbery. He was in the mines for live years and afterward in the employ of the Pacific Steamship Company. Bates, 77, one of the old pioneers of the Coquille Valley, died at the home of R. "When he entered his wife's room this morning he found her body face downward on the bed, with the poison half-gone from the bottle. Pennington, of Gold Beach, world war veteran, 38 years of age, was brought to the county Jail here on Monday, charged with second degree murder. BODY OF YOUNG HERMANN FOUND IN THE COQUILLE Myrtle Point. The coroners jury returned a charge of carelessness against Phillips, and he has been held to await the action of the grand jury. Carl Nord, Granada, Minn., and two brothers, Eric Anderson, Minnesota and Carl Anderson, Sweden. Archer, an old man who lived alone about four miles from Marshfield, was recently found in a dying condition by a neighbor.

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