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As much as I hope Sustain is a success and we sell millions of products, if I could get the ingredients in the traditional brands to change how much of a bigger impact would I be having?

And it takes all of those small steps to make greater change, so it’s really important.

There’s two pieces to this: First, the FDA does not require tampon manufacturers to disclose their ingredients, which is a huge problem. What we’re trying to do is get the FDA to require manufacturers to disclose their ingredients.

A woman spends, on average, six years with a tampon inside of her throughout her lifetime -- how is she unable to access information on what’s in these products?

It’s to fund research around the long-term effects of these chemicals used in traditional tampons and pads on women’s bodies.

We know what’s in our food, how do we not know what’s in these products?

Well, as we were saying earlier, I think it’s definitely a country-by-country issue when it comes to what the education is and where it needs to be.

We’re super-focused on the US, so that’s where I’m most knowledgable, and for us the first step is having women understand what’s in these products. There are millions of women in this country who cannot access menstrual products, whether they’re in the prison system or low-income women who can’t use their food stamps because they’re deemed ‘non-essential items’.

There is a lot of luxury that comes with being an empowered person and being in a position to actually question what’s in the products you’re using.

For people who have that choice and can think about this, it’s critical to start educating women about what’s in these products, and that we don’t know their long-term impacts.

If you think about it, the reason sex exists is so we can exist, and it’s the same thing for periods.

If you just educate girls on the fact that this is not a shameful experience, it’s nothing that they need to hide, it’s a natural process, it starts to set the stage for the next generation of people who are self-aware and confident. I feel really lucky that I grew up in a household where my dad was making tampons, so periods were literally and figuratively on the table for conversation, but it’s really about educating both men and women if we want anything to change.

I think that a really important piece of this, something I talked about on Tuesday when I was in DC, is that it’s irresponsible for us as business leaders in this space to not be spearheading the charge.

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