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(I am not an expert just so we are all in the clear.) (Also, I wish that Templar Knight would follow me around.

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Poseidon reminds you that there’s Plenty of Fish out there.

Craig makes sure the Missed Connections are actual connections on was taken with an App called Tinder. My trip to China, which pertains to one of the (sounds belittling to me), is a chronological point of reference to help me determine the year this was attempted.

(Somehow David Sedaris came to my mind for some reason…oh, the animals and probably due to my running into a friend, one who hails from Binghamton.) Before I go further…

Angelle, the brains behind She Drives a Vegetable Car, essentially gave me the idea for this segment, an idea that sparked from a post of hers (You’ve Got to Have Internet Friends). She starts off her post with: “Ten years ago, if a friend had mentioned she met a guy on the internet I would have automatically assumed he was a serial killer ready to make her skin into a dress.

The fifth and last girl that I met off of here was a catch, but due to my reluctance–unwillingness with having to admit we met off the site–the relationship dissolved. I don’t remember hearing about this in The Bible, or in any of my religious ed classes. However, any bar, happy hour is technically a mixer in itself.

This app zeroes in on all the singles around you; well, those who sign up for it. I’m pretty sure God Himself did not approve that slogan for such a dating website. There is no sense in paying for what is already available at no charge. The result of trying this for two and a half months resulted in few matches in the Syracuse area, which says a lot (I guess).

Free essentially is what you pay for–nothing, and that’s where your expectations should be. However, the latter matches you up specifically; all of the singles were displayed for my friend, and they all had compatibility ratings.

With POF, I quickly learned that I have a severe allergy to those who don’t write/communicate well. Ignoring messages with numerous misspellings, grammar issues, LOL’s and other discouraging abbreviations, and other communicative had been an easy process. However, it is the only site that I know of–sans research–that offers mixers.

My cousin told suggested once that I try it; friends told me that another one of our friends called Tinder a . People say God has a plan; this is not what was meant by plan. Been there, done that, and reconsidered returning to it. Of the few girls I actually went on dates with, they all were better on paper (screen).

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