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During Japan’s imperial period, the Heike was a touchstone for militarists, who found in it the roots of the militarized masculinity vital to their ideal citizen; later it served as a source for postwar filmmakers and playwrights seeking to understand the meanings of World War II, militarism, and imperial responsibility.

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The first English translation was published in 1918–1921, followed by others in 19, all of which helped make the work a staple in college classrooms.

Long recognized as a master translator, Royall Tyler has taken on some of the most challenging works of classical Japanese literature, including Noh plays and the monumental The Tale of Genji (2002).

The Heike had substantially weakened the Genji in two earlier, smaller uprisings, and the animosity between the clans continues to smolder; the first volleys of the Genpei War come shortly before Kiyomori’s death.

That war stretches over more than five years, during which the Heike are forced out of the capital and into exile at the realm’s western edge.

The result is a translation that will appeal to both general and specialist audiences.

On the one hand, the relatively straightforward narrative style of the Heike makes it easier to translate than works like the elliptical Genji or Noh drama. Even to speak of a unitary work called “Heike monogatari” is misleading: there are approximately 80 variant texts of the work, and they differ dramatically.Tyler is celebrated for both his own lyrical voice and a tendency to experiment with style in the name of capturing the flavor of the original; with Genji, he famously remained true to the original by referring to characters by rank rather than personal name.His innovative approach to the Heike draws us closer to the original, while bringing out the vitality of the work in new ways.The bold and brave perish in the end: They are as dust before the wind.At once a cautionary tale about pride and a lament for the passing of an age, the Heike focuses on war’s devastating effects on society and individuals: families torn apart, the tragic deaths of noble warriors, the sorrows of the families they left behind, and the futility of ambition and greed.The Heike briefly describes their ascent, then lingers over their fall and the larger consequences of the war that brought it about.

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