Taylor and chase dating

When one of those friends asks a favour, they see no problem with helping out. Taylor wishes more than anything that she could tell her that, tell her everything, tell her why it hurts so much to watch her self-destruct like this.

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There’s nothing little about the feeling of Victoria’s eyes on her face in the dark, or the warmth of her hand in Taylor’s grip, or the way all of this makes Taylor’s heart sputter and expand in her chest.-Victoria and Taylor try to cope in the aftermath of Kate Marsh's suicide attempt. Max finds out something about Victoria and Taylor, with them finding out things about Max in turn. What will Max get into when Victoria and Taylor lead her into bedlam?

Growing Chasefield friendship, Vic/Taylor relationship, with blooming Pricefield at the end.

This is based off a Tumblr idea of "going straight to the good parts" by tiptoe39, so there will be no lead-up: just pure fluff. After 5 years of married life travelling the Galaxy, Chloe and Max return to their old home, Arcadia Station, a tiny spaceport in a backwater system.

They settle down, reconnect with old friends and family.

Will she be able to make amends for her behaviour in the past?

How will she react to the things she learns about her classmates and what they have done after ten years? ] Various timelines appear as, through various means, different denizens of Arcadia Bay gain access to aspects of Max's rewind power.Here I drop prompts from Tumblr that I like, as well as my short little fictions to accompany them.They each take place in their own separate universes - some are very close to the canon Life is Strange, and others are vastly different (such as the Everyone is Safe and Happy AU). Maybe if she's lucky, she'll find a girl that doesn't confuse her so much.(Latest updates: date Vic, freak out w/ Rachel) Taylor's been a bit down ever since her girlfriend dumped her.However Brooke tells him it's over now as she doesn't want to go to prom with someone who doesn't want to be with her.After while, Chase later bumps into Brooke at school.He formed a relationship with Brooke Davis throughout the year but they eventually broke up for reasons unknown after Graduation - most likely due to her newfound fame as the Clothes over Bro's creator.

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