Teen dating violence lesson plans

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By the sixth grade they are beginning to explore their own sexuality and sexual identity. Explain to your students that the purpose of this exercise is to help kids face these issues and begin a dialogue with their parents.

They are often confused by and unprepared for a society filled with sexual messages, pressures and dangers: Where do middle schoolers draw the line? They will look at how they want their parents to talk to them about sex?

Esteban Parra is the solutions and breaking news reporter at The News Journal, where he has worked for more than 20 years covering business, courts, police and Wilmington.

Christina Jedra is Wilmington’s watchdog reporter and focuses on holding elected officials accountable and helping city residents understand how their government works.

Groups can then share their PSA campaigns with the class through oral presentation or have groups hang or post their PSAs around the room allowing the other students to see their work and their message.

Sex Statistics Breaking into small groups, have students work on specific topics (one topic per group) such as sexually transmitted diseases, contraceptives, abstinence, teen pregnancy/parenthood, sexual harassment and any other related sex issues.How do they develop a healthy respect for their own sexuality and the sexuality of others? This is a chance for them to set the rules on what is talked about and how. Sexual Pressures teaches kids how to establish boundaries, respect themselves, and respect others in a world filled with sexual messages, pressures and dangers that are sometimes confusing and difficult to navigate.The focus was to integrate sustainable, simple and free online media tools into the Science, Social Studies, Language Arts and Math curricula while developing students criticality and media literacy skills.Teachers were provided with the tools to deliver media education and basic technical training to their students, while simultaneously engaging students in collaborative and challenging activities that powerfully deepened their learning.Students will learn how this talk is different from the "parent talk." "Sexual Pressures" (PSA Campaign) Working in small groups, students can develop a Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign addressing teen sex issues.

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