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It had previously originated in Belgrade and was produced in Serbo-Croatian.

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Approximately 73% of RTV Slovenija's funding comes from television licence fees.

Radio Ljubljana signed on the air for the first time on September 1, 1928, with experimental broadcasts.

During the 1970s, TV Ljubljana's main service was also gradually converted to color.

In 1984, teletext was introduced, whereas the digitalization started in 1986.

It is the only public nonprofit broadcasting organization in Slovenia to operate both radio and television stations.

The law also requires it to air radio and television services for the country's two indigenous linguistic minorities, which it does in collaboration with the regional broadcasting centres in Maribor (for the Hungarian-speaking minority) and in Koper (for the Italian-speaking minority).

On April 1, 1949, the first TV laboratory was established in Ljubljana, but was separate from the radio station.

However, the task of setting up a television service was eventually assigned to Radio Ljubljana. On November 11, 1958 the TV channel got a regular schedule, but it was shared by other Yugoslav republics, with TV Ljubljana getting around 30% of airtime.

In 1971, TV Koper/Capodistria, a subsidiary of RTV Ljubljana, was launched as the first bilingual TV station in Slovenia, serving the Italian community in Slovenia and Croatia.

However, it enjoyed huge popularity in many parts of Italy.

On November 12, 2005 a law was passed stating that Radio-television Slovenia is "a public institution of special cultural and national importance..." In May 2008 TV Slovenia began airing a new TV channel, TV Slovenija 3, dedicated primarily to live Parliament coverage.

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