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Arakawa revealed that he met the director in an izakaya at Shimokitazawa 10 years ago and talked about the manga when he said that he is the only person who can play Ushiyama if the manga is ever made into a movie.

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Meanwhile, Ukon becomes sexually involved with the activist's daughter which marks the start of a forbidden relationship.

Yamada who is a fan of the original manga, described his character as a clumsy man who people will get irritated at but can't bring themselves to dislike him.

When Sakon investigates further, they are surprised to know that the robot contains functions which are unachievable with today's technology.

They then manage to get the robot to use its functions to help them find the real hidden treasure.

She became more and more attached to him and was gradually showing signs of mental instability.

When Mochizuki went to Ishigami's place and appeared to try to harm his wife (Toda Naho), Ishigami realised that he had to get rid of Mochizuki.

From the ML to the forum and now to the blog version, here's hoping that this space will be a trusted source of information for all J-ent fanatics and a platform where we can come together and share our thoughts. The movie is based on the manga by Caribu Marley and Imashiro Takashi and features Yamada and Sato as brothers.

Filming will be done between early August and early September.

Suzuki Kazuma (Nishioka Tokuma), a police detective, is in charge of this case and is especially interested in why Mochizuki had to go through all that trouble to kill herself (consuming sleeping pills and setting a timer to turn on the electric circuit she attached to her body) and leave the suicide note in a video.

He gradually starts to suspect that things between Mochizuki and Ishigami weren't that simple after all and later finds out that Mochizuki had confided in a man who had been stalking her about the fact that she had committed suicide before and Ishigami had saved her then.

In the video recording, Mochizuki recounted how she was tired after trying her best in archery over many years and yet she couldn't fulfill her promise to Ishigami i.e. As such, she felt that she had nothing left in life and had to end her life.

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