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If incorrectly perceived, the situation could range from mild awkwardness to heavy embarrassment.

Here are a few pointers for you to know if the woman you are dating is coming on too strong and if so, how to handle her.

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Woman’s Divorce Blog The Women's Divorce Blog is a source of news and information about divorce to help you navigate the divorce process and begin to rebuild your life.5.

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You need to understand that he still torn between his feelings for his ex and the divorce proceedings.

While dating, if you notice your man withdrawing into his shell, give him time and be empathetic.

Your true feelings for him will tip in and eventually you will see yourselves get through it.

More Articles : When dating, the tip to establish a happy relationship is to read the signs of interest or the lack of it in your date.Judith’s Divorce Blog Reflections on divorce, separation and associated topics by Judith Middleton.Judith qualified as a solicitor in 1982 and is accredited as a family law specialist by Resolution.4.If you do decide to date him while he is going through a divorce, then be prepared for: Being the OTHER woman They are not divorced yet, she is still legally his wife.She may try to hold it against him in court or she might use it to keep his children away from him.He needs to be reminded of his better traits, and he will always appreciate you for doing that.

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