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========================================================================================================================================= January - We pulled 369 and 803 out and ran them both. We have gotten some nice auction items again this year. ========================================================================================================================================= August 1 - All of the Michigan events went very well! Lots of new members and the reenactment on Saturday. Rain in the area Saturday night had our Wolfhounds headed for home so we didn't have them for the reenactment Sunday.We try to do this once a month during our down time to keep the fluids up and everything lubricated. =========================================================================================================== ========================================================================================================================================= The Gathering is less than two weeks away!!! You need to be here on Saturday morning to get your number and be ready to start bidding at about 11 a.m.! Turned put we didn't get to do the reenactment due to more rain Sunday until about or 2 in the afternoon.

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Thursday April 6th we head down to West Point, KY for the annual Spring Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot. We spent Thursday and Friday getting to know her and waiting out the weather passing through Indiana. We had several fuel stops along the way and had lots of people show up at the airports to look at 049.

After an overnight stay in Russellville, AR we headed out early for home. Sunday afternoon to a group of well wishers braving the cold weather to watch 049 land at home. She is absolutely beautiful and we can't wait for everyone to see her at the annual Gathering in August.

========================================================================================================================================= Welcome to 2017! We did manage to get in quite a few member flights after the rain passed.

Thank You to Don Alsbro for putting together another great event.

June 9 & 10 - 20th Anniversary Re-dedication of the Veterans Memorial Park, Harrod, Ohio. Historical Society and the Village of Harrod, Ohio for such a great event. Thank You to Phil Marshall, Tom Klare and Jerry Lindquist for making sure we all got fed during the day and supper each night. Thank You to all the ladies for working hard to keep everyone in line and the flights full!

You did an incredible job with this years festival! Thank You to Cathy Hickenlooper for making all the delicious cookies and cheesecakes and having Wright deliver them. Ann Wiechart, Cindy Beaty, Barb Victor and Jane Modjeski. Thanks to all the guys for taking care of 369 and making certain all the flights went well.Thank You to all of our volunteers for all of your help!John Walker, Ron Paye, Dale & Joyce Calloway, Sandy & Jim Kovach, Chuck Canfield, Paul Boggs, Mike Adams, John Fotia, Jerry Lindquist, Tom Klare, Don Nelson, Tom Shields, Glen Veno, Ann Weichart and Pat Wing. Thank You so much to Steve Kerchenfaut, the Auglaize Twp. We simply can't do this without each and every one of them.Besides successfully flying 369 and 803 Warrior 11 to and from Louisville Expo Center (Thanks to some Great Air Crew Members), our advance party Van/Trailer Crew also did an outstanding job of arriving prior to the Aircrafts arrival with our luggage and the important essentials needed for our booth.We were very fortunate to have at the wheel of the Van Mr.Thank You to our great volunteers for traveling to Harrod and quite possibly having to much fun! Thanks to our pilots, John Walker, Ron Clark, Wade Hedinger, our co-pilots, Tom Beaty, Chuck Canfield, Mo Modjeski, Pat Wing, Olaf Tessarzyk and all the crew, Paul Boggs, John Fotia, Mark Hopkins, Steve Kerchenfaut, Bill Lister, Rodney Mayfield, Mike Victor, Tommy Victor & Joey Victor.

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