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However, due to my limited workshop facilities, it has taken me until now to complete the full integration into a functional instrument.

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Keith Barnes 27th of December 2017, Not really a testimonial but still nice mentioning an overview article in the November issue of Signal. After finishing the assembly last night, I test a 6N8P tube which is a similar 6SN7 tube made in China.

(visit their site) Dear Ronald & Marie, I have received your reply and do your suggest, but my CP2102 dirve don't have "BM options". After watching someone else's design, I think it might be the best jump line to use a DB25 plug.

The u Tracer and laptop PSU are mounted internally to the framework of the case, with a mains input socket and serial port at the rear of the left side.

The 'front panel' is in two parts, with all connections to the u Tracer on the left and valve bases on the right.

My only regret is that I chose to use cheap plastic bodied 2mm sockets from China rather than the more expensive metal-bodied ones - big mistake.

Anyway, it is all working well and I am now learning how to use all the facilities provided. Best wishes to you and the family for a happy and prosperous New Year.Again, pay homage to the instrument that you have designed such an amazing device! Chang Jun Bao from Shanghai China 22nd of December 2017, Yoshihiro Uda from Japan sent me a few pictures of his u Tracer.Visit also his website Dear Ronald, Season's greetings! Several u Tracer owners showed their version of the u Tracer on the The Dutch society for the history of Radio NVHR unites people who are interested in, or collect vintage radio equipment.So it has taken a mere 3 years in all to complete the project but on the plus side I had plenty of time to decide on the layout I wanted.I would have liked to use a thumbwheel selector switch similar to a Avo VCM, which I'm used to, but I wasn't happy with the ones that were readily available so I decided on this layout of sockets.Thank you so much for making this fantastic tool much more useful than a vintage tube tester.

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