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“There is a license agreement from the manufacturer that says the customer specifically can’t install it on someone else’s phone without their knowledge,” he said.Although the spy shop is an offshoot of a show that catches “cheaters,” the show’s host, Joey Greco, is surprised at who is going to the spy shop.

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“We are very cautious about how we market our products,” he said.

“We’re like a liquor retailer in that we want our products to be used responsibly.” Walton says a perfect example of his company’s legal cover comes with the devices that allow customers to track a cell phone.

“I’m slothful,” Goldstein admitted to Huff Post Weird News.

“I should’ve started soon, but it took me 10 seasons to realize that I’m a businessman, not just a TV producer.” But it isn’t as simple as signing on and spying away.

However, he said that on a few occasions, when the marketplace has become a little too hot, there is enforcement.

“From what I see, the pot is about to boil over again.

“I feel that products like these normalize behaviors similar to stalking in our society,” she said. Murray, who does eavesdropping audits and counterespionage consulting, says that the idea of doing your own investigation of a suspected cheat may sound appealing, but often causes more problems than it’s worth.

“Private electronic eavesdropping and stalking is illegal on both a federal and state level,” he told Huff Post Weird News.

“One of my friends has a kid at a particular school and there are questions about what goes on in the classroom,” Greco told Huff Post Weird News.

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