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It is important to keep the consistency factor in mind when deciding whether to use a Twitter feed.It is vital for businesses to determine how they will be able to deliver consistent content to customers on social media outlets.This hyperlink will then link to a Twitter account, and it will allow you to instantly transfer new blog posts in the form of updated links to the Twitter account.

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On Facebook, a business may post status updates that it wants to automatically share with the world.

An automatic feed can be installed that will allow a business to transfer these updates to a Twitter account.

It's not that I don't use automatic Twitter feeds, but I've played around with them enough to know what they're good for. Heck, I use one for @About_Tweeting because I've promised my readers that they'll get Twitter news and gosh darn it I can't watch every news feed for a mention of Twitter all day long. So instead, I connected Feedburner up to about twenty different news sites, and whenever they use the name Twitter in a headline, my account auto Tweets the headline. auto-Tweeting from services like Buffer and as a perk in Hootsuite.

The benefits of automatically updating a Twitter account is that you don't have to pay high fees to a marketing company.

Customers appreciate receiving news from businesses that relate to special deals or sales.

They also want to be able to learn about the new products that a business has to offer.

I use Feedburner (and really hope Google doesn't take it away!

) Typically, all you need to do is post a hyperlink on a blog that you already have.

Automatic Twitter feeds have revolutionized the way that business owners are able to use Twitter.

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