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The Suicide Note is a direct communication indicating intent to commit suicide.

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Many investigators, who have bought-into the initial call and treated the case like a routine suicide or a natural death, have been greatly embarrassed when the medical examiners finding showed the death to be a homicide.

The reference to her threatening to commit suicide and her alleged despondency was not supported or corroborated by anyone who was interviewed except the husband, who reported that his wife committed suicide.

On the contrary, these cases may very well be homicides, which have been staged to appear to be suicide, accidents or natural causes.

In equivocal death investigations there is the potential for major errors.

The detective did not conduct any interviews of the victims family or friends nor did he look into the victimology.

Some agencies have mistakenly allowed patrol officers to conduct basic death investigations with the assumption that such deaths are generally not criminal incidents and dont require detective investigation.

However, the investigation at the scene and an inquiry into the background of the deceased may indicate the presence of life threatening behavior or activities that suggest suicidal intent.

Of course, the medical examiner/coroner is supposed to avail him or her of the input of the investigators, who were present at the scene and conducted the death investigation.

When the detectives arrived they examined the room and the body of the victim and observed an ante-mortem injury to her face and noticed a Reebok sneaker print on the edge of the tub and the toilet seat.

Detectives learned that a 19-year old Ecuadorian construction laborer who had been working in the adjoining apartment had gotten into a verbal dispute with the victim over the noise that he was making and angry words had been exchanged earlier that same day.

Furthermore, the reference to her putting a pillow over her head and shooting herself is purely speculative and was not based on any crime scene reconstruction or evaluation of the evidence present in the scene.

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