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The FBI and the NGIC do not recommend that jurisdictions use the estimated gang membership totals as exact counts for the numbers of gang members.These numbers are not used by the FBI or NGIC to rank jurisdictions on gang activity.The NGIC was established by Congress in 2005 to support law enforcement agencies through timely and accurate information sharing and strategic/tactical analysis of federal, state, and local law enforcement information focusing on the growth, migration, criminal activity, and association of gangs that pose a significant threat to communities throughout the United States.

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Based on these estimates, geospatial maps were prepared to visually display the reporting jurisdictions.

The data used to calculate street gangs and outlaw motorcycle gang estimates nationwide in the report are derived primarily from NDIC’s National Drug Threat Survey.

In calculating the number of street and outlaw motorcycle gang members, respondents in each region were asked to select from a series of ranges of numbers.

The median numbers of each range were aggregated to generate an estimate for the total number of gang members.

In the 2010 NDTS, the key assumption was that individual respondents provided estimates on gang members for their jurisdictions only and did not include other jurisdictions.

However, NGIC acknowledges that there may be some duplication or underreporting of gang members because of variations in each jurisdiction’s process to estimate gang activity.

NGIC law enforcement partners provided information and guidance regarding new trends and intelligence through an online request for information via the NGIC Law Enforcement Online (LEO) Special Interest Group (SIG), which is now NGIC Online.

Law enforcement agencies nationwide continuously report new and emerging gang trends to the NGIC, as the NGIC continues to operate as a repository and dissemination hub for gang intelligence.

This maintains consistency with the 2009 NGTA report’s maps on gang activity.

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