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This isn't a concern for the normal use of Time Machine as a backup system, something used to restore your Mac to its present condition should something bad happen.But it is a concern if you want to keep long-term copies of items, such as your photos.If you use Apple's Time Machine, then the libraries used by Photos and i Photo are automatically backed up as part of every Time Machine backup that is performed.

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Note: If you've created multiple i Photo libraries, be sure to back up each i Photo Library file.

Backing up the Photos Library isn't much different than the method used for the i Photo Library, but there are a couple of extra considerations.

This is where it's important to remember that you could very well be deleting the only version of an image that you have.

After all, the original that was on the camera’s flash storage device is long gone, which means the image in your library may be the only one that exists.

In many cases, reference image files are stored on an external drive, a USB flash drive, or another device.

Reference files are convenient, but they present a problem when you back up.

Modern photography has done away with the old-fashioned film negative or slide, which served as very good methods of archival storage of images.

With digital cameras, the original is stored on the camera's flash storage device. Assuming you use Photos or i Photo as your image library app, then the library may hold every photo you've ever taken with a digital camera.

Backing up and archiving your Photos or i Photo Library, and all the images it holds can be one of the most critical tasks you need to regularly perform.

Digital photos are among the most important and meaningful files you keep on your computer, and as with any important files, you should maintain current backups of them.

First, just as with the i Photo or Aperture app, Photos supports multiple libraries.

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