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I looking for someone who have Garmin Cyclops safety camera files.

I think I'm going to need it because my friend got ticket from highway speed camera. UPDATE: For 2012 and newer models, Garmin no longer offers the Cyclops safety camera database for USA and Canada.

Someone should confirm this before you try (or you can do it yourself with a POI file, wav audio and even an icon with POI Loader if you want), but assuming your 200W can play wav audio files, you can add custom voice audio and an icon to the Speed and Redlight camera files obtainable here at The Factory.

Here you can see the history: I use Jill in both my Nuvi's as the voice.

I have created my own alert sound in a males voice for the Redlight Camera.

I can hear the ding sound when I get close to speed camera. Does Cyclops have voice alert for red-light and speed camera because I only hear is the ding sound or dingding sound with icon on the map.

If not that's okay but please let me know if there is voice alert.

I since then have deleted it and use the POI Factory's Red Light & Speed cameras exclusively. I'm assuming the Cyclops file is a simple download with the file into the POI folder.

You must use POI loader and create a new file when using the POI files from this site.

Maybe this is a glitch, or maybe Cyclops is on the way out at Garmin.

My wife continues to use both the Cyclops and POI Factory files since she travels to more of the "hot" spots than I do around northern Ohio and Columbus.

Every model has some good things and some not so good things. Best function is the Red Light Cameras, still amazes me Ones the 30 days trial is over and gone does screw up any other function on your gps?

But if you have the sound and Icon on alert working install from here,on the speed and red light camera,they also should work the same on cyclops right?

She has yet to find a missing alert in either file.

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