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The firmware shouldn't be done all the time but 1 time should be enough. Continue after these commands because if you shutdown you loose the progress or you need to save the

updating openfiler-72

MOBO I'm using has a habit of spontaneously shutting off without any apparent reason. In essence with your tutorial, setting Openfiler with FC was ok. [code] scstadmin -add_lun 0 -driver qla2x00t -target :1b:32:0f:1c:12 -group win7 -device movies 24a) scstadmin -add_lun 1 -driver qla2x00t -target :1b:32:0f:1c:12 -group win7 -device tvshows [/code] My problem lies elsewhere.

Do you think it's possible to get this working with maybe Ubuntu? My Windows 7 (DAS) running sansurfer is able to see the SAN, but not the LUNS I created.

Now it's time to create a fiber channel device that points at this logical volume.

Use the following command replace V with a label that you assign and U with the full path to the logical volume created in the previous step. You can see all the options by doing the command: Make sure that this command is runned each time that a change is made to the openfiler system relating to the fiber channel sub system.

HANDLER vdisk_fileio TARGET_DRIVER qla2x00t chkconfig scst on chkconfig qla2x00tgt on service qla2x00tgt start service scst start Enable Target Mode: scstadmin -enable_target :1b::6c:39 -driver qla2x00t Create Security Group: scstadmin -add_group esxi -driver qla2x00t -target :1b::6c:39 Assign Server to Security Group: scstadmin -add_init 20-01-00-1B-32-AA-82-CE -driver qla2x00t -target :1b::6c:39 -group esxi modprobe scst_disk modprobe scst_vdisk modprobe qla2x00tgt modprobe scst_vdisk modprobe scst_user modprobe scst_modisk modprobe scst_processor modprobe scst_raid modprobe scst_tape modprobe scst_cdrom modprobe scst_changer modprobe ib_srpt modprobe iscsi_scst scstadmin -open_dev vol_ssd -handler vdisk_blockio -attributes filename=/dev/vg_ssd/vol_ssd (I'm not sure which here blockio or fileio I thought for FC or i SCSI we want blockio?

) scstadmin -add_lun 0 -driver qla2x00t -target :1B:32:8A:82: CE -group esxi -device vol_ssd scstadmin -write_config /etc//etc/init.d/scst restart scstadmin -issue_lip I decided to start over and I made a backup of a virgin system. As to not fill up your blog with a long list here's a site I put up with every step I've taken so far and the results.ISP2432-based 4GB Fibre Channel to PCI Express HBA (rev 03) #lsmod | egrep -i "qlo|ql|isp" isp_mod 222280 0 isp_scst 31976 1 isp_mod scst 168840 2 scst_vdisk , isp_scst scsi_mod 168024 15 isp_mod,scst ,,,,,,snip.I have followed the doc am unable to get this working It sounds like you're not installing the OS with the card installed, you have a bad card, or the PCI-e/PCI-X port is bad or shut off in bios. The file you reference is created by linux and is used for diagnostic/configuration purpose. Check and determine if something is disabling the PCI bus during boot.If it's missing, the device has not been installed. I've created a VM which supports PCI-e passthrough for VMWare 5.x.Use the command: Assign servers to the security group.You need to find the wwn of every server that you want to connect to the openfiler server using fiber channel (Will use these WWN as W).The current setup has a qle2462 (passthrough) and qle2462 (Native vmware) on each host.

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