Updating wiikey firmware

Although it is frequently called solderless modding, this is technically incorrect since soldering will still be required.

The number and location of solder points on the drive chip is "automatically" accounted for through the use of chip-clips, and such clips extend the range of future possible solutions.

These simplify the installation process and prevent inexperienced users from damaging the console board due to improper soldering.

If the clip is removed too many times, it will no longer stay on the drive.

A disc drive chipset called the D3 introduced a radical change, as the chip the drivechip clipped to was no longer on the PCB.

Drivechip manufacturers chose to use a dongle method to trick the drive to use its built-in DVD mode, which was meant for a potential DVD player on the Wii.

Later, Nintendo covered part of the drive with epoxy to prevent drivechip installation.

The epoxy can be removed, but doing so risks chipset damage.

Wii drivechips are electronic devices that modify or disable the built-in restrictions of the Nintendo Wii video game console.

At present, all modchips operate by physically modifying the Wii’s DVD drive.

This is the same method that software-modded Wiis use.

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