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I hope people realize that the consequences of drinking and driving are more than losing rank or losing money.

The drill will include the aircraft carriers USS Nimitz, the Ronald Reagan, the Theodore Roosevelt and their accompanying warships. The four officials who discussed the drill with Reuters spoke on condition of anonymity, and did not disclose the precise date or location of the exercise. carrier strike groups exercised together was in 2007 during exercise Valiant Shield, when the Nimitz, along with the John C.

The decision to soon go forward with the exercise in the Western Pacific has not been previously published. aircraft carrier strike groups have not exercised together in the region since 2007.

"I think if I could help anybody with my experience, if I could reach out and positively influence somebody, then that would be awesome," said Chief Fire Controlman Mick Kirby, from Cottage Grove, Ore., one of the guest speakers.

"Something I would love people to understand is that when you are dealing with addiction, it's impossible to beat it without help, and the Navy has great resources to help." CSADD set up trivia booths with facts, statistics and common misconceptions about alcohol use.

Reuters was not aware of any plans for Trump to visit the carriers. The drills included a "joint photo exercise" that showed 15 ships and 17 aircraft from the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, including a B-52 bomber, according to the Navy's website.

aircraft carrier strike groups will exercise together in the Western Pacific in the coming days in a rare show of force as President Donald Trump visits Asia with warnings about the nuclear threat from North Korea, U. The Pentagon and the Navy's Pacific Fleet declined comment on future operations. Stennis and Kitty Hawk carrier strike groups participated in drills near Guam.

Construction Newport News Ship Building Company was awarded the contract to build Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS John C. The keel was laid March 13, 1991 in Newport News, Virginia and on November 11, 1993 the ship was christened in honor of Senator John Cornelius Stennis.

PACIFIC OCEAN (NNS) -- Sailors gathered in USS John C.

"If you can't throw a football into a post with drunk goggles on, how are you going to drive a car," said Yeoman 3rd Class Regan Edwards, from Ocean City, Md., and JEA president.

"Hopefully people take this seriously and the awareness goes up.

"We definitely had a few dropped jaws," said Electronics Technician 3rd Class Annalyss Blanco, from Apopka, Fla., who set up the booths for CSADD.

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