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A web validator shouldn't be used as a debugging tool. The built-in developer tools in the browsers have gotten extremely sophisticated and will now notify you if there are any parse errors while processing your HTML, CSS or Java Script.

Validation is also frequently done against live code, which opens up other problems.

Editing software and IDE's now have linting — a method of validating syntax — built in, or have third party extensions that do the same.

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Front-end and backend frameworks, like Rails and Angular, give structure to our code, dividing it into, smaller, easier to maintain chunks.

All of these tools catch syntax mistakes earlier in the development process than what is typical for online validation.

Any and all errors are caused by code included for backward compatibility in older browser software. No website is required to be compliant to W3C standards.

Many top Internet sites generate errors when checked.

The Dreamweaver validator may find margin errors (older HTML 4.01 webpages).

Margin errors cause no problems with browser rendering.Web validation is usually an afterthought for many, as it doesn't easily integrate into the developer's workflow.So by the time a developer realizes they need to validate their code, it is riddled with issues, making it much more difficult to debug.Can we satisfy standards compliance without the need for validation, or, alternatively, is there a better approach to validation? Validation was created, in part, to drum up interest for standards compliance after newfangled browsers like Netscape and Internet Explorer started extending the capabilities of HTML in the early 1990s. Many rebuffed these additions as going beyond the original intent of the language, to provide document structure, not influence stylistic choices.The W3C was formed in 1994 to develop and maintain open standards to counteract what the original creators of the Web saw as a cruel and indecent assault on everything they'd created.If a linked DOCTYPE is included this may cause some applications that you want to include to not run properly or not run at all.

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