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If an SPF record is supplied, it is used for the initial evaluation instead of any record published in DNS for the domain.To check an incoming mail request, fill out IP address from which the mail was received and the Mail From address.The data types that can be checked against are the same as those in TCompare Validator. The following example show the use of client-side and server side validator events. Notice that, we need to write code for both the server side and client-side.

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This Error is most likely due to more than 10 SPF record lookups.

If you go over 10 lookups due to a poorly formatted SPF record, you will receive an SPF hard fail.

The domain is used only for mechanisms such as a bare 'a' mechanism that have an implied domain. It can also be used for syntax checking of records with more complex macros (although this has not been thoroughly tested yet).

The %d macro is extracted from the supplied mail from address.

By default, TRequired Field Validator will check if the user input is empty or not. By setting More regular expression patterns can be found on the Internet, e.g. Note, TRegular Expression Validator only checks for nonempty user input.

Use a TRequired Field Validator to ensure the user input is not empty.Client-side validation will validate user input before it is sent to the server.The form data will not be submitted if any error is detected.This site uses a caching DNS resolver, so for tests that use live DNS, results will be cached for the Time To Live of the DNS record.For most basic uses, these tests should be reasonably self explanatory.This avoids the round-trip of information necessary for server-side validation.

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