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However, as we have both maintained for a number of years, only an integrated approach to instrument qualification and computer validation — focusing on the key elements that must be controlled in a single combined process — is efficient and effective (13–16).

This approach is in contrast to conducting an initial qualification of the instrument and a separate validation of the software, which is inefficient and may duplicate some work.

Furthermore, because of organizational structures, instrument qualification may be carried out by the vendor and considerable time may elapse before the computer validation is conducted and the system is released into operational use.

Quality management is one of the most important issues in pharmaceutical research as it determines the validity and reliability of data, data and data evaluation being the central products of all research activities.

In this business it is of outstanding importance to generate valid data for the assessment of drug development candidates to assure that the huge financial investment, which is based on such assessments, can be successful.

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This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.) and the ISPE's Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) Good Practice Guide on laboratory computerized systems are the two main sources of guidance for qualifying analytical instruments and validating computerized systems used in the laboratory.This column explains the discrepancies between the two documents as well as changes now being made to both in an attempt to enable an integrated approach to qualification and validation of laboratory instruments and systems.Thus, we describe the implementation process of MSR-QMS as a research specific quality management system in a global company.Furthermore, the implementation process in one specific research department will be highlighted.Efficacy and safety of products are the final goals of such developments.

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