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Then in this episode Matt is realizing that he might have thrown away something he truly do love.Showing up at the school trying to profess his love for Caroline he Kisses her!!! Of course Caroline being taken back by it she bolts as fast as her legs can carry her. King, who wore a Tom Ford tux, also shared a pic of himself with his bride."My wife, she makes me wanna dance," he said. After the ceremony, following a popular French Quarter wedding tradition, the couple kicked off the celebration with a second line parade in the streets of New Orleans, including the famous Bourbon Street, leading guests to the reception.

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Candice King, född Candice Accola , är en amerikansk skådespelare och sångare.

Hon är mest känd för sin roll Caroline i succéserien The Vampire Diaries. Hon har gästspelat i TV-serien How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural och Greek.

They are all in town to attend a convention for their series this weekend!

The stars were seen enjoying some beers while relaxing on the sand and also taking bikes for a ride on the shore.

The girl must definetly be confused with growing feelings for her new wolf friend and now her ex wanting her back, drama, drama drama, another love triangle #4) That Bites- Well well well Miss Jules how brave can you be?

Its not smart to ignore the warnings of the badass Salvatore brother Damon, but to stick around and then bite the love interest of him is even braver.

This better be good Stefan cause this man can cause an awful lot of turmoil in Elena’s life.

#2) Rose – We knew from Legend that a werewolf bite could kill a vampire, but did we really and honestly think it could be that horrible and brutal.

Hon har även medverkat i filmer som On The Doll, Juno, Deadgirl och X & O's.

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