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You can listen to the MP3 of my interview with Stephan Jenkins here.. I’m so proud of that album; I think it’s a really beautiful album. I just don’t think it’s the right model for her at all because we’ve become so much smaller and closer a music community and we can’t tolerate as listeners that sort of layers of obfuscation that I think record companies bring.

What I’ve done in the last two years was founded my own label, that’s called Assembly.

So we toured and we’ve been writing this album and have been working on this album and I think it’s an album that is very much inspired by our fans. We want to use the technology that’s available to get closer to people, to actually make the community tighter and not have the sense of people being isolated and kept by themselves through technology and instead, find out what’s going on that’s specific to them.

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That’s my primary mode of organizing some kind of emotion or provocation into a piece that makes that emotion travel. If I don’t feel the idea, the governing ghost of that concept inside the lyrics, it can really, really stump me.

I have songs I’ve worked on for three years and I can’t get the lyrics right. We’re going to put out “Non-Dairy Creamer” sometime in November digitally.

And that’s what has been happening and it’s been so great! A lot of it is just like, “Darn, why didn’t I think of that?

It’s really this honest and direct exchange between our music and the people who engage it. ” I love to see our music go in and see someone else's creativity and content.

Then another song like “Non-Dairy Creamer” just kind of comes together pretty fast. So it will be a digitally release of that and a duet with Kimya Dawson.

Kimya’s a friend of mine; she and I did a song on the last album.

It’s really more exciting because we always have the answer for somebody else.

In the end we’re still in some way working for the man, which I never wanted to do.

I think the same thing happened with Weezer where there was this real sort of rediscovery of the band.

Third Eye Blind was this band that was marketed and processed and packaged in a way that we didn’t really recognize.

(due out later this year) promises Third Eye Blind fans the music and undeniably unforgettable lyrics they are known for. Jenkins took some time out to discuss at great length the ever changing music industry and ways the band is adapting, including Indaba Music's interactive web program "Studio Access" where fans can create their own mixes of new 3eb tracks before the album is released.

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