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To win favor back with Bo and Hope, Chelsea volunteered to take money to Belle, Shawn, and Claire who were hiding in Canada. On the trip, Nick and Chelsea's relationship turned flirtatious.

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She hated Billie with a passion because she considered Billie her prime competition to get Patrick, and she believed Billie had dumped her without a second glance.

Chelsea also had a problem with driving, and after two close calls had her license revoked.

At Bo's insistence she began taking driving lessons, and after she assured him that her instructor thought she was doing great, Bo agreed to lend her his car on New Year's Eve.

Unfortunately, Chelsea took her attention off the road for a moment, and hit something.

The infection left so much scarring on her abdomen that Chelsea was told she would not be able to carry children of her own.

Hid Ford Decker's body (December 2007) Drugged Ford Decker which contributed to his accidental death (December 2007) Accidental hit and run of Zack Brady resulting in his death (December 2005) Numerous driving infractions Spiking a drink belonging to recovering alcoholic Billie Reed Drugging Patrick Lockhart with the hopes of sleeping with him Chelsea was introduced as Abby's best friend, supposedly a 'good girl', but in reality Chelsea was encouraging Abby to smoke, drink, and lie to her mother.

Eventually, Chelsea did turn herself in for being responsible for the accident and she was given community service for her involvement in Zach's death.

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