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“She’s been checking up on me everyday, and I’ve been sending her photos of the baby,” she chuckles.

“Its funny, Dwyane [Wade] checks on Jaime, and Gabrielle checks in on me.”Atkins says she’s been most surprised by the outpouring of love from fans on social media.

These five papers present new perspectives on that tradition through an examination of Ovid’s own engagement with the literary and material past and present, and of some unexpected ways in which later artists have followed Ovid’s lead.

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The park is now home to an establishment, conference-banquet hall, the concert area and the international campsite, equipped with picnic area and sports activities.

The streams are rich in wildlife such as trout, carp, eels and lampreys.

Sessions on Friday, January 9, 2015 (Sessions 1-27, Presidential Panel) Sessions on Saturday, January 10, 2015 (Sessions 28-54, Plenary Session) Sessions on Sunday, January 11, 2015 (Sessions 55-81) FIRST SESSION FOR THE READING OF PAPERS a.m. Session #1 The Body in Question: Literature, Philosophy, and Cult Julie Laskaris, The human body is recognized as a potent and highly variable signifier across multiple discursive and conceptual zones in ways that continue to attract the attention of scholars from many subfields.

Note that some session numbers have changed because of the rescheduling of certain sessions.

These papers explore six facets of somatic imagery and symbolism in Greek and Roman poetry, historiography, philosophical epistemology and aesthetics, and religious practice from the classical to the late antique periods.

Increased understanding of Ovid not only as a poet of great accomplishment and diversity, but as the center of an imaginative tradition that extends from earlier antiquity down to the present day, has been a significant achievement of recent scholarship.The theater is located at the intersection of Cross Street and Via Monte Cassino.The Varronian thermal baths are a natural-thermal park born after the war near the villa of Varro, Latin scholar writer, near the town of Cassino.Rebuilt around 717 under the impetus of Petronace Montecassino Abbey was destroyed a second time by the Saracens in 883, and was rebuilt by Pope Agapito II only in 949.The Polish Cemetery at Monte Cassino holds the graves of over a thousand Poles who died, storming the bombed-out Benedictine abbey atop the mountain in May 1944, during the Battle of Monte Cassino.They are divided into a Summa cavea that includes seven and an Imma cavea thirteen steps.

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