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In this meeting, José Rosa Rodrigues was appointed as club president, along with Daniel Brito as secretary and Manuel Gourlade as treasurer.

The Benfica team is nicknamed Águias (Eagles) for the symbol atop the club's crest, and Encarnados (Reds) for the shirt colour.

Since 2003, their home ground has been the Estádio da Luz, which replaced the original one, built in 1954.

Despite important victories in the first few years, the club suffered because of poor operating conditions, namely the football dirt field Terras do Desembargador.

As a result, eight players moved to Sporting CP in 1907, and started the rivalry between the clubs.

For Sport Lisboa they maintained the football team, the shirt colours, the eagle symbol and the motto.

For Grupo Sport Benfica they maintained the field Campo da Feiteira, the main directors and the club's house.On 28 February 1904, a group of former students from the Real Casa Pia de Lisboa and members of Associação do Bem met at the back of Farmácia Franco on Rua de Belém with the goal of forming a social and cultural football club, which would be called Sport Lisboa.There were a total of 24 people who attended the meeting, including Cosme Damião, who would be the club's most important leader in the first decades.The founders also decided that the crest would be composed of an eagle (symbolising high aspirations), the motto "E pluribus unum" (defining union between all club members) and a football.Benfica played their first match ever on 1 January 1905.They have reached ten European finals, a domestic record that ranked seventh all-time among UEFA clubs in 2014.

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