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And that includes the white middle-class people at the center of Everwood, as well as those it leaves out, for example, the seasonal immigrant and tourism industry workers who populate most small Colorado towns.

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In interviews, Berlanti has compared Everwood's focus -- Brown's relationship with Ephram -- to that of Gilmore Girls, about a mother-daughter relationship in yet another quirky small town.

But a single woman who chose to have a daughter at 16 and raise her on her own while holding a full-time job has little, or rather nothing, in common with a world-famous neurosurgeon who moves to a small town on a whim, having raised his children by proxy, with enough money saved to play doctor for free.

WB Entertainment President Jordan Levin explains to the Hollywood Reporter why he banked on Everwood's blandness: "It's an incredibly flexible piece -- it has numerous time slots that it can play in." Sadly, the producers' formulaic strategy has paid off, at least for now.

Nielsen reports that Everwood beat last year's same slot season premiere of the dark urban vampire series Angel by 51 percent.

It turns out that the local doctor Harold Abbott (Tom Amandes) is her son, had employed her as a nurse, and fired her because she married Harper.

Unfortunately, Edna and Irv appear as aberrant, oddball characters in otherwise snowy white town.

The story begins as famous neurosurgeon Andrew Brown (Treat Williams) neglects his wife, son Ephram (Gregory Smith), and daughter Delia (Viviene Cardone).

After his wife dies in a car accident on her way to their son's recital, which he misses, Brown decides to move to Everwood, Colorado, a town his wife once called a "heavenly" place where she would have loved to live.

It is not clear whether the pilot succeeded because post-9-11 viewers long for sentimental life-affirming dramas, or because the WB began aggressively promoting it in June.

Let's address the alien in the room: The X-Files season 11 premiere was rough.

And Van Camp's and Smith's tandem performances are more subtle and believable than the overwrought father-son conflict.

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