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Meet Shantanu Maheshwari and Vrushika Mehta aka Swayam and Sharon from Channel V’s Dil Dosti Dance.

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In the world of glamour one has to give a 100% to survive or else one has to be ready with an exit strategy if someday they plan to bid adieu to the glam world.

Although dance has always been her passion it was only recently that Vrushika Mehta started taking her acting career seriously.

Just at the age of 20 to be given this status, it feels so awesome. And then the chai date scene, which is my favourite. Shantanu: Watching lots of movies, splurging on shoes and eating a lot of vegetarian food.

Vrushika: Junk food, cartoons, masala Maggi and lots and lots of chocolates. Shantanu: People who don’t even know who I am but still ask for a photograph, just because it makes a good DP.

Vrushika: Haven’t yet gone on a perfect date, so therefore no idea.

Rapid fire round what do you associate with the following words?

Vrushika: Fake people and traffic jams Your idea of a perfect date and with whom?

Shantanu: With a girl who is well spoken, that’s the first thing I notice in a girl and of course the date should have lots of good food.

I enjoyed the look of THE LAST JEDI too ( tho at times it was a bit on the nose ).

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