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In Desert and Wilderness (Polish: W Pustyni i w Puszczy) is a popular young adult novel by Nobel Prize-winning novelist Henryk Sienkiewicz, written in 1912.

In Desert and Wilderness tells the story of two young friends, Stas Tarkowski and Nel Rawlison, kidnapped by rebels during Mahdi's rebellion in Sudan.

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I was very curious how this new version will reflect to my judgment at this time of our today's life.

I decide to buy to both movie (the old and the now one) on DVD...Różniąc się temperamentem, wszystkie natrafiają na te same przeszkody, a łatwość z jaką znajdują partnerów seksualnych nie przekłada się na stabilność życia uczuciowego.Powszechnie doceniany w USA serial otrzymał wszystkie możliwe nagrody: Emmy, Złote Globy i nagrodę Gildii Aktorskiej dla zespołu aktorskiego.But the Mahdi uprising is spreading rapidly across North Africa and the chances of finding the children seem remote.Forced to rely on themselves, Stas and Nel, together with two young African slaves, Mea and Kali, escape their captors and head south across desolate country.For this movie: I like the way they make this film. Also I read the book again (the last time was when I was 9 or 10) - I recommend to everybody who doesn't read the book or watch the film - Don't wait - it will be very good spend time!

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