W3c html validator online dating

The best way to do that is by running your documents through one or more HTML validators.

If you wish to block them individually it would be best not to include the version numbers as those are subject to change.

Traffic from W3C Validator services will be coming from subnet and you may firewall or block that in your web server configuration.

One of the important maxims of computer programming is: Browsers follow the second half of this maxim by accepting Web pages and trying to display them even if they're not legal HTML.

Usually this means that the browser will try to make educated guesses about what you probably meant.

The problem is that different browsers (or even different versions of the same browser) will make different guesses about the same illegal construct; worse, if your HTML is pathological, the browser could get hopelessly confused and produce a mangled mess, or even crash.

That's why you want to follow the first half of the maxim by making sure your pages are legal HTML.As these services commonly include the link https://validator.w3.org/services in their user-agent you can filter them all based on presence of that string in user-agent header.You can instead opt to block specific Validators based on the unique portion of their user-agents.The Markup Validator is maintained at by W3C staff and benevolent collaborators, who receive a lot of help from contributors (read the full credits).We're doing our best to provide clear and reliable results as well as a good interface with the Markup Validator, but for some reason you may want to check other validators.The process of verifying whether a document actually follows the rules for the language(s) it uses is called .

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